Looking for a new package or presentation for your products?
Consider Tonar as your supplier.

Rather then inventing the wheel and making molds for your own box, why not select one of our readily available containers from our stock collection of crystal clear injection moulded plastic boxes.

Check our catalogue now to find a suitable container for your product.
Samples are immediately available in order to verify your choice!

Consider the advantages of a rigid plastic container. It protects, displays and permanently houses your product. For each format you can find the same example as above.

The Tonar Collection offers both crystal clear and opaque containers to showcase your product to its best advantage. Bright graphics imprinted on the container identify and distinguish your product inexpensively and attractively. We can help you to complete your package with the help of stock or individually designed foam or vacuum formed interiors, insert cards and other solutions to fit your product into our boxes!

And... in a world where the continuing concerns of our environment affects us all, our plastic container is both reusable and recyclable and made of safe food grade polystyrene (PS).

Tonar manufactures over 350 stock sizes to choose from. This includes:
1. Rectangular hinged boxes.
2. Unhinged round boxes.
3. Unhinged boxes with friction-fit covers.
4. Hinged compartment boxes.
5. The Omni Collection - often from stock - rectangular showcase boxes with raised and flush covers.

The Source...
The Tonar Collection offers you the largest selection of stock rigid plastic containers in the industry.

Let Tonar fill your packaging needs. A quality product, prompt delivery and expert service and expert service are why we've been the source for packaging since 1979.